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Local Primary Care Physicians in Salem, MA

Are you looking for an experienced, trusted primary care doctor in Salem?  Primary care specialties include family medicine, pediatrics (children), and internal medicine (adults). A good primary care doctor helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle, get treatment for new illnesses and  injuries, and manage chronic conditions to maximize your well-being.  At Charter Health, we develop long term trusting relationships with our patients.

Some questions to ask when looking for primary care providers:

  • What are the doctor’s medical qualifications and experience
  • What accredited hospital does the doctor use
  • Can I communicate through a patient portal
  • What if I get sick and need to be seen right away and what about after clinic hours

Finding A Trusted Primary Care Doctor in Salem

With so many options for primary care doctors, finding a reliable partner to tend to your health needs requires careful research. Important considerations include the physician’s reputation, availability, ease of scheduling, friendliness of office staff and, of course, medical training and experience. Charter Health Primary Care will meet or exceed your expectations in these areas. Our physicians are mission driven experts in their fields of medicine. We also offer telemedicine to facilitate remote disease diagnosis, prescriptions, consultations, and other concerns.


Primary Care Physician on the North Shore of Boston

Charter Health Primary Care cares for MA residents in Danvers, Peabody, Swampscott, Lynn, and other North Shore communities. We specialize in adult primary care medicine, women’s health, weight management, nutrition, substance use recovery, and other issues that fall within primary health care.

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Medical Specialist Referrals in Boston

Most health insurance companies require referrals from your primary care doctor to see a specialist doctor. Just as important, a good referral requires your primary doctor to have the right network or trusted specialist physicians. Charter Health is a member of Mass General Brigham health system which helps us access world class specialists. We refer patients to the best medical and surgical specialists at North Shore Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Brigham & Women’s Hospital.


Best Primary Medical Care Near Peabody

Local primary care physicians offer various services. As such, it is vital to identify the medical care you need, especially when planning long-term benefits. We focus on providing premium quality medical care near Peabody and have years of experience in the field. You can rely on our team whenever you seek regular medical exams, prescription medicine, screening for health problems, or chronic condition management. Our physicians are passionate about helping you recover from illness and help keep you healthy for an optimal life.


Licensed Internal Medicine Doctor near Swampscott

It is important you find the right doctor for you, regardless of where you live, Swampscott, Salem, Peabody, Danvers, or Lynn. We recommend reviewing the doctors training, licensure, and work experience, as well as patient reviews. It is important that a physician is dedicated to continuous learning to keep up with advances in medical science. That’s precisely what you will get from Charter Health Primary Care.


Areas We Serve

Our doctors and physicians offer primary care for residents in the following areas in Massachusetts:

●     North Shore of Boston

●     Salem

●     Peabody

●     Danvers

●     Lynn

●     Swampscott

●     Beverly

●     Chelsea

●     Manchester

●     Middleton

●     Boxford

●     Topsfield

●     Lynnfield

●     Stoneham


For more information about our local primary care doctors and physicians in Salem and the surrounding region, reach out to us today!

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